Six-Word Teacher Workshop with the Indiana Learning Lab

In a partnership with the Indiana Learning Lab, Larry Smith, the founder of Six-Word Memoirs, shares his unique approach to storytelling, highlight stories from classrooms’ six-word projects, and leads workshop attendees in a “Six-Word Slam.”

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In this video Larry also provides ideas and guidance on how to introduce Six In Schools in their classroom to increase writing confidence, amplify social emotional learning, help all your students find their writing voice.

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The Indiana Learning Lab is built to support educators with instructional resources, professional development opportunities, and other best practices. This includes live, on-demand workshops for educators, as well as live coaching from IDOE staff. As part of this resource, educators have access to expanded online communities focused on supporting literacy instruction, digital instruction and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) instruction. The platform also includes ready-to-use resources and lesson ideas.

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Six In Schools and Indiana Learning Lab