Tips & Tricks for Publishing

Our team has seen it all. 
So, we compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts to help teachers and students avoid any accidents that might trigger a printing mishap.

Follow our tips and tricks to learn more about creating a softcover book and what you should be on the lookout for during the process. And let's have the best book-making experience possible!

Black & White

Our first, and best, piece of advice?
Never forget that this softcover book will be printed in black & white!

Google Slides Placement Guides

Google Slides guides are required for all Six in Schools templates, as a helpful tool for teachers and students!

Take note of the blue guide lines, as these will reveal the safe areas in which to place book content. Any text or image placed near or outside these areas will likely be cut off during the printing process!

How to Show Guides

Google Slides hides the guide lines by default.

To turn them on:
Menu --> Click View --> Guides --> Show Guides.

The guides will help to keep your book content from getting cut off and ensure your memoirs are printed as accurately as possible!

Cover Title

Do This!
-Do keep orange text well-inside the blue guides

Don't Do This!
-Don't place orange text over or on the guides or it will likely be cut off during printing


Do This!
-Do fill your page & evenly space out text

Don't Do This!
-Don't forget! Every word should have a 'buddy!'

Example: On the left, note how the word "Right" has been left 'hanging' on a line by itself.

Name Placement

Do This!
-Do include the student's name!
-Definitely place the name text box inside the guides

Don't Do This!
-Don't forget! Any text box or content placed on or outside the guides will be cut off during printing!


Do This!
-Do make your font color black
-Do use the Resources Page to find a clear typeface

Don't Do This!
-Don't use color for your font

Reason: any text with color will print gray and may make your memoir hard to read

Slide Background

Do This!
-Do use a clean, white Google Slide for your memoir

Don't Do This!
-Don't color-fill your Google Slide

Reason: color-filling your slide will cause it to print gray and will likely make your memoir hard to read

Graphics, Please!

Do This!
-Do use the Resources Page to illustrate your memoirs

Don't Do This!
-Don't use hand drawn images

Reason: we love this creativity, but the gray-gradient of a hand drawn image will make the memoir hard to read


Do This!
-Do use our Resources Page to find images to illustrate your memoir

Don't Do This!
-Don't use images that may break copyright laws (Ex: Mario, on the left side)


Do This!
-Do use high-quality, black & white images

Don't Do This!
-Don't use images that are too small (pixelated/grainy)

Reason: images that are incorrectly sized may be hard to see or recognize after printing

Need Help?

If you haven't already, review the completed book example to give you a better idea of what a completed book looks like. (Click the full page icon to see a larger version of the book.)