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Common softcover Book Questions

We hope your Literary Lesson Plan has sparked creativity in your classroom planning and given you an easy-to-follow roadmap for using the six word format with your students.

To make their six word experience memorable, many teachers decide to create a classroom book. We’ve worked hard to make the bookmaking process fun, simple, and energizing for both teachers and students. Here are five common questions teachers ask about creating a classroom book:

1. How do we create our content?

Lead your students in drafting, revising, writing, and illustrating their Six-Word Memoirs. (Our ready-made worksheets are helpful in this process.) When students have composed a memoir, invite them to write a backstory explaining their memoir. Then, ask students to add their memoirs to your Google Slides book template.

2. How do I submit my content?

Once your students have composed their Six-Word Memoirs and added them to your digital classroom book template, share that Google Slides presentation with When we receive that presentation, our production team will take care of the rest.

3. How does ordering work?

While our production team is finalizing your content, we’ll send you an online order form where parents can purchase copies of your classroom book. We’ve got ready-made emails and printable handouts available for you to share information about your project with your parents. All payments are processed online, so you won’t need to handle any money!

4. What if we want to order a copy for every student in the class?

We know many schools, teachers, and parents desire that every student enjoy the experience of seeing their work in print. Sometimes, these groups set aside money to make bulk purchases of classroom books. If you’d like to make a bulk purchase, email We’ll handle invoicing, payment, and any discounts you might be eligible to receive.

5. What if I don’t think many parents will order a book? 

We wouldn’t want this concern to stop anyone from participating in a book creation project. Every classroom that submits complete content will receive a free classroom book. We know that finances can present many challenges when it comes to school projects that involve purchases. If you would like to discuss any specific concerns, please email

6. When will my books arrive?

Once your order period ends, it takes about 7-10 business days for your books to ship to your school. After your books arrive, we’d love to see photos of your students celebrating what you’ve created together!

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