6 Creative Writing Projects that Inspire Student Storytelling

1) Six-Word Memoirs in the Classroom

Teacher: Jenny Rich

What we like about this project: 
A new school year can be daunting, especially when faced with meeting a new teacher and classmates. But the Six-Words format is a safe way for students to introduce themselves! Giving students agency over what they share with their peers can empower them to share further!


  • Introduce yourself!
  • Safe way to share
  • Empowers students to choose what they share

2) Creative Writing for Teens

Teacher: Mary Hannah Wilson

What we like about this project: 
Six-Word Memoirs is accessible for all classrooms and writing levels! This particular two-week challenge was built as a journaling project for a homeschool classroom - a writing project that can bridge age disparities. The challenge being in boiling down a full journal entry into - you guessed it - six words! 


  • The Two Week Challenge
  • Accessible for all classrooms
  • Accessible for various writing levels

3) Teaching Ideas for ELA

Teacher: Betsy Potash

What we like about this project: 
Six-Word Memoirs is a great way to begin a character study for a story. Initially, the Six-Word format allows the student to focus on the most essential aspect of the character, which can then be fleshed out in additional writing projects.


  • Explore new characters
  • Additional writing engagement

4) How to write a Six-Word Memoir that’s worth a thousand words

Kaitlin Goldin

What we like about this project: 
Humor is a great way to engage reluctant writers! Although this isn't a traditional classroom project, try having students write a punchline only using six words! Humor has been known to stimulate long-term memory and improve retention in all ages.


  • Write jokes!
  • Reluctant writer engagement

5) A Tool for Distilling and Sharing Stories

Lisa Pinkerton, Linda Randall, and Amy Smith

What we like about this project: 
Children who have experienced grief and trauma deserve every possible outlet available. Six-Word Memoirs is a safe and simple way for students to begin to process these lived experiences.


  • Process trauma or lived experiences
  • Express anxiety or uncertainty

6) Our Family Stories - Immigration, Welcoming, Belonging

Warwick (RI) Public Library

What we like about this project: 
Try using six words to discuss immigration, welcoming, and belonging as a way to build fellowship amid a local community! The writing prompt is also a great way to make welcome and celebrate diversity at a local community or classroom level!


  • Builds community
  • Celebrate and welcome diversity

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