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When Can I Expect My Books?

Creating a Six-Word Memoirs classroom book is a versatile project that teachers can use in the classroom throughout the academic year. Teachers have used the project to kick off a school year, wrap up an academic unit, mark a significant holiday, or celebrate the end of the year.

Teachers often ask us when they should begin their projects.

Here’s what we invite them to consider.

Once we receive your submitted book content, it typically takes six weeks for finished books to arrive at your school. During that time, our production team is preparing your book for printing and touching up any images or designs that need extra attention. You're also passing along the order link to parents, extending them the opportunity to purchase your classroom book as a quality keepsake.

With that six week window in mind, we advise teachers who are looking to create year-end books to submit their content by mid-April. This ensures that there is ample time for the books to arrive before summer break begins.
The biggest unknown is book printer timelines. As everyone knows the pandemic has exacerbated supply chain timelines including book printing timelines. In light of that, we do our best to account for supply chain delays when working with you to decide on your celebration day and the suggestion of a mid-April content submission date.

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