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What we get asked the most: "Is Six-Words really that simple?" & β€œIs it really free?"
The answer: Yes! It really IS that easy, and it’s ABSOLUTELY free for ALL teachers.
(Don't believe us? Read this short story.)

Step One

Sign-Up for free!

Sign up by choosing your preferred lesson plan.

 Lesson prep time: 15-30 minutes

"Is it really free for teachers?" Yes! Learn more here.

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Step Two

Students create and share their memoirs

Use the included printable worksheets so your students can brainstorm, write, and edit their memoirs and illustrations.

Student creation time: 45-60 minutes

Step Three

Share content with Six in Schools

Share your content with Team Six via email or via the prepaid envelope!

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meet the founder
meet the founder
Make a classroom book

(There's no obligation to make a classroom book or for family members to make a purchase).

Step Four

Share classroom books with your students' families

Teachers, we've made the process of sharing your students' work with their families as simple as possible!

1) Team Six will create a private order page and printable handout. The handout will contain pre-written project descriptions that can be shared with students' family members.

2) Absolutely no money handling is required; all orders are processed securely via Shopify

3) Orders are then shipped to your school - for free - for Celebration Day! Or! Family members can choose to have their books shipped elsewhere (shipping fees apply).

Step Five

Celebration Day!

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Want help getting started?
Schedule a classroom kick-off call!

During this call, we'll share the origin of the Six-Word framework, help students understand what a memoir is, highlight sample memoirs from students, teachers, and influencers and jump-start your students' Six-Word Memoir writing process. (Did we mention this is also free?)