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According to education researcher, Camille Farrington (2013), a strong correlation exists between success in school and students having these four academic mindsets: 1) I belong in this academic community; 2) I can succeed at this; 3) My ability and competence grow with my effort; and 4) This work has value for me.

This video examines how student work illuminates—and is illuminated by—the following standards: CCSS ELA standard W.2.5 and W 2.8

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Candra McKenzie

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How to Lesson Plan for New Teachers

A teacher’s fundamental responsibility involves providing experiences promoting understanding in their classroom. One important step to accomplishing this is developing an effective lesson plan.

So, what is lesson planning in teaching meant to do to help in the teaching process? Lesson planning for teachers helps them strategize how to address the curriculum they are responsible for in a time-efficient manner.

A lesson plan’s format will differ based on the grade level, topics needed to cover, teacher experience, and other factors, but there are some universal things to consider when planning a lesson.

Before we delve into the specifics, we can also offer some other helpful advice. Talk with other teachers at your school to see how they have approached their lesson plans and what works for them. Also, consider your students and understand what will help them perform their best.

To help assist with this process, we would like to explore how to lesson plan for new teachers in this article. We will provide some insight for new teachers by covering topics like strategies for lesson planning, lesson planning for specific grade levels, and more detailed examples.

Strategies for Daily and Weekly Lesson Planning

The first important topic we will discuss is strategies for daily and weekly lesson planning. Looking ahead at your curriculum, you can see the long-term goals of your teaching efforts for the year, but it is important to break those milestones down into accomplishments for a smaller time frame.

For a daily lesson plan, it is important to understand how you can budget your time in the classroom. For different grade levels, you may have different expectations for how far your time can go. Elementary school teachers will often have to factor in time for getting the class settled and organized, as younger kids are often more restless and excitable.

In this case, understanding the unique scenario with your group of students can help you realistically budget your time. Also, what can help in both a weekly schedule and a daily one, is a lesson plan template. A daily lesson plan template and weekly lesson plan template may differ a bit, but they can both help you understand how to make a weekly lesson plan of your own.

What lesson plan templates do, is help you figure out how to organize weekly lesson plans and materials. Many times, you know what you need to accomplish, and have ideas for how to get there, but assembling it all in a coherent plan can be difficult. A template can help you visualize an organizational system and apply your ideas into that format, with the option to make any edits to account for your unique classroom scenario.

Lesson Planning: Elementary Teachers

As we mentioned before, lesson planning for elementary teachers may be a little more involved than for other grades. With your students being so young, they may demand more attention and consideration than other grades will, not that any grade level does not impose its own set of challenges.

When it comes to lesson planning for elementary teachers, one of the most important things you can remember is to be flexible, and open for adaptation. Even the most advanced lesson plan may fail to live up to reality, as the ideal class session is hard to accomplish. So having a plan and being ready for alternatives is your safest bet.

Accounting for these challenges may be less intuitive if you don’t have a long tenure in elementary school, so searching for a lesson plan example for elementary school can help you utilize knowledge from some of those who have more time in that situation. Effective lesson plans show you how you can emphasize structure in what can be a chaotic environment.

When searching for a lesson plan template though, it is important to remember that the most effective teacher lesson plan format is the one that works best for the style of the teacher. You may find lesson plans that utilize skills and traits that you haven’t quite developed or don’t feel comfortable with, and while there is nothing wrong with wanting to change or add some tools to your repertoire, there is nothing wrong with finding a lesson plan that emphasizes your existing strengths.

Lesson Planning Tips for Teachers

No matter how new you are to teaching, what is comforting to remember, is that many others have come before you. With this available experience, there are a ton of lesson planning tips for teachers that you can find with a simple search.

Before you begin your search though, consider what lesson planning tips will be relevant to your classroom situation and goals. All teachers will have some overlapping experience, but great insight can be found from a teacher who is more relatable to your situation.

After all, a science teacher running a lab and an art teacher running a studio will have different experiences and things to account for, that’s just a natural part of the process. For some assistance with your search for tips, let’s cover some factors that you should consider when looking.

Your Grade Level: Age and maturity level of students will offer unique challenges
Your Subject: You may be an all-purpose teacher, or you may be focused on a specific subject, look for insight from teachers in a similar scenario
Your Resources: Any info is helpful, but some educators may have access to more budget and help than you do. Consider your limits and how you can expand if necessary.

One last important thing to note is that teaching has faced some new challenges in the past couple of years. These challenges are fresh for everyone, so you shouldn’t feel behind or out of place, everyone is still figuring out exactly what are the adjustments that the teachers need to make in lesson planning in the new normal.

5 Step Lesson Plan for Teachers

If during your search, you still find yourself stuck on what lesson planning steps are necessary for classroom success, then one thing you could consider is finding a 5 step lesson plan template. A 5 step lesson plan for teachers is a popular approach to classroom organization because it feels like a concise and manageable outlook.

5 step lesson plans for teachers can be popular because of how efficiently they organize the material, and the room they allow for creativity. A 5 step lesson plan usually features 1 step at the beginning for introduction, a step at the end for closure, and the 3 middle steps have a flexible structure depending on your classroom and curriculum.

Some teachers excel with a highly separated and precise lesson plan, with every minute of the day accounted for. Other teachers find that doesn’t work for them and that a general structure that allows for more flexible opportunities is the way to go. Consider your style and needs when searching, so you can find the ideal setup.

A 5 step lesson plan for teachers pdf file will not be generally hard to find, but finding the right one may take some finesse on your part. Consider refining your search more with terms like 5 step lesson plans for 30-minute classes, or hour-long classes. The options are endless, and how particular you want to get is ultimately up to you. What’s most important is you find a lesson plan you can manage and execute effectively.

Lesson Plan Examples

Most teachers will have to reckon with a budget for their classrooms and any ventures associated with them. So while there are many things you will have to factor in the cost for, luckily finding free lesson plans for teachers should be easy. With that being said though, sometimes these free options aren’t as detailed as you would like, so consider if you need more advanced insight for your preparations.

Lesson plan examples should help you complete an effective organization of your classroom and your time in there. A sample of lesson plan failure would be one that doesn’t address the needs of you and your students. So, remember in your search, to have a clear outlook on what you want to accomplish, so you can tailor lesson plans effectively.

It should not be hard to find a lesson plans for teacher pdf, but finding the right one for you may be a bit of a challenge. Make sure in your search that you are not acting too hastily, because any mistakes now will only multiply later on. Work smarter and do an effective job in preparation, so you will not have to work harder to fix mistakes later on.

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