Getting Started

"Is it really free for teachers?"

When our team talks to teachers across the country about the Six in Schools program, many DO NOT believe us when we tell them our program is free to use in their classrooms.

Here's a quick glimpse into a recent conversation I had:

Teacher: “Is it really free?”

Me: “I promise, it is.”

Teacher: “There’s no catch or gotcha?”

Me: “Not at all. Our classroom Exploration and Kick-Off calls are free. Our book making process is free. All we ask is you extend the opportunity to family members purchase books, there's no obligation to buy.”

Teacher: “Seriously?”

Me: “Seriously!”  🥰

I have this conversation again and again and again. So... If you still don't believe us and would like a FROMO CODE (i.e. "fake promo" code) for Six In Schools, you can use:


Or, just schedule an Exploration call to talk with a member of our team about what might work best with your students.

Schedule Exploration Call

(This is not a sales call. We can't stress that enough.)

What to expect during your Exploration Call:

1) We'll discuss your unique classroom needs and questions.
2) Share ideas and best practices we've learned from other teachers.
3) Get you set up to start your Six-Word project OR help kick-off your classroom project for you (also free!)

Any other questions? Email us at

We're always here and happy to help!

Need a hand getting started?

If you have questions or just want to give us some direct feedback... 

For free, forever for teachers!