Softcover Book Design Resources

Font Options

Get creative with your font selection!

Fontpair.coGoogle Fonts

Icons for black and white book

No COLOR icons can be printed in the soft cover black and white book. Icons must be black / Hex #000000, transparent background .png files (see how to convert in Google Slides here).

The library works like building blocks made of vector arms, legs, and emotions. You can mix these elements to create different Peeps. (Hint! Use .png files for your book.)

Graphic Design Principles

What makes a “bad” design? What makes a “good” design?

Some students may be interested in learning more about website, book, and magazine design, if so this is a great resource for them to help construct their Six-Word Memoir in a unique way.

5 Principles of Graphic Design

View Sample Book

If you haven't already, review the completed book example to give you a better idea of what a completed book looks like. (Click the full page icon to see a larger version of the book.)