Six-Word Memoirs Lesson Plan

To start using the Six-Word Memoir framework in your classroom, follow the three simple steps below. 

1) Review Memoir Examples (5 minutes, on your own or with your students)

Review these memoir examples to give you a better idea of what students typically create. Feel free to share these examples with your students!

See Memoir Examples

2) Review Six-Word Lesson Plan (10 minutes, on your own)

This guide helps jump start your students on their writing journey. Don't have a Google account? Contact Us, we're here to help!

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3) Create Your Six-Word Memoir(s) and Backstory (30-45 minutes, with your students)

Student worksheets are designed for in person and digital learning environments.

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Make a classroom book 👇

Celebration day can take many forms, some teachers print and post student memoirs around the classroom, others let students present what inspired them to the class, and many teachers decide to turn students' memoirs and backstories into a softcover B&W book featuring their students as published authors!

If you decide to make a classroom book please explore the links below or view our video below!