Make a Hardcover Classroom Book

Turn students' illustrations and memoirs into a hardcover color book featuring your students as published authors!

1) Review Memoir Examples (5 minutes, on your own)

Review this memoir example book to give you a better idea of what students typically create. Feel free to share this example book with your students!

Illustrated Memoir Examples

2) Review Six-Word Teacher Guide ( 10 minutes, on your own)

This guide helps jump start your students on their writing journey. Don't have a Google account? Contact Us, we're here to help!

**Sign in to your Google account before making a copy.**

Copy Teacher Guide

3) Complete Worksheets (45-60 minutes, with your students)

Printable worksheets for your students to brainstorm, edit, and finalize their memoirs and illustrations.

Download Worksheets

4) Book Option and Example Sheets (10 minutes, on your own)

Select your cover, write your title and dedication pages, then include them along with your students' content! Email Team Six at to request your prepaid envelope.

Download Resources

5) Mail your illustrations and author pages

Send your prepaid envelope requests to Our team will provide a prepaid envelope to mail your content to us. 

lesson by Jino from the Noun Project

Celebration Day Prep!

Book Order Process
   1. Submit your book content via your prepaid envelope and email your book creation template to us
   2. Choose your book order start and stop dates
   3. You receive a digital order page for your book (example), a printable handout to share with family members (example), and other resources to easily communicate your book making project with your family members
   4. Invite family members to purchase your classroom book
   5. Any teacher who shares their digital order page with your family members receives a free classroom book! (there's no obligation for family members to purchase)
   6. Books are shipped free to your class in 1-2 weeks after your order period closes for Celebration day!

There is a paid "ship elsewhere" option for family members that want their book earlier or to handle more discrete classroom circumstances.

Gift Card for Teachers
When a classroom sells more than 15 copies of their book, their teacher will receive an Amazon or Target gift card ranging from $30 to $150.

Refer a teacher
Add $30 to your gift card total for for every teacher referred that completes the order process. (Refer a Teacher Here)

See Common Questions Teachers have here. 

Happy Creating!