Refer a teacher and receive a $30.00 bonus for your teacher gift card!

1. You Fill out referral form

Answer a few questions so we can share the opportunity with your teacher friends(s).

2. Teacher Receives Email

They'll receive a couple friendly emails explaining the program and $30.00 bonus opportunity.

3. Optional Participation

No pressure or obligation to participate, and no ongoing emails if it isn't the right fit.

4. They Get Book & Bonus

After completing they program, you get $30 added to your total gift card amount.

The Six In Schools Program is looking for pioneering teachers

After thousands of teachers organically utilizing Six-Words over the last decade, we are formalizing the Six-Word Memoir format with the addition of a professionally published classroom book to make it even easier for teachers to unlock their students' creativity and provide an unforgettable keepsake for your students and their people!

Referred teachers will get the chance to...

  • Be some of the first to participate in our brand new program
  • Create a professionally published book with their students 
  • Offer a unique and personalized keepsake to the students' families, friends, and guardians
  • Build a bonus classroom budget through this fun and unique fundraising activity